Thursday, May 31, 2012

Joy on Stage

Lindsay had her Musical Theatre Showcase performance last night - a mini version of Thoroughly Modern Millie - and it was lovely.

What warmed my heart the most was to see her joy in performance is back.

We switched studios this year to a musical theatre only focus without competition and what a lot of fun it has been.  Lindsay was so over the competition drama and all the dance pre-requisites.....she was also smart enough to know that getting a gold medal when noone was competing against you is a hollow victory - she really wanted a more authentic experience of the theatre.  And so we gave up a beautiful studio space close to home and went to a really much less beautiful and polished space but in many ways a way more authentic theatre experience with a Broadway acclaimed instructor who has no ego, no pretension and demands hard work and flexibility and fun.

We had some concerns about the big age range in the class at first but it has turned into a huge plus as the little girls adore the big girls and the big girls got to be leaders and chaperones when needed.  There were also many weeks that they were separated into their age groups to work on pieces.

They were offered an intensive course in tap dancing which Lindsay loved - just as an extra in class - no extra time or money - just a desire to offer a well-rounded experience.

And so last night a group of varying ages of girls took to the stage with some new skills, a great short, well-prepared piece of musical theatre, a play, some great singing and dancing and SO MUCH JOY in their performance and in their friendships.

I wish there were more places children could just enjoy an art, or a sport where competition was not the focus - where the experience itself was valued for what is gives to the child intrinsically, where the pressure to perform, to have the perfect costume and make-up, or brandname equipment was not the focus.  Not all children derive pleasure from a medal or a ribbon....some just want to do these things for the joy it brings their heart and soul.
My thanks to Diana Kaarina at Broadway Edge Performing Arts Studio for her unpretentious studio, her rigorous but joyful instruction, her flexibility and skill and her obvious delight in her work and her students.


  1. Its wonderful to see Lindsay up there having such a good time performing again. I'm glad you've found a studio that work for your family. :)

  2. Thanks Candice - we're glad too. I clicked over to you blog - wow - what a journey you are on..... may it all go just as you hope!