Monday, June 11, 2012

Selective Elective

As Allan gets close to the end of his degree in Leadership at Trinity he is required to take 1 elective course.

Like most things that are elective....he has left this to the end......and the pickings were slim.....interesting (Dead Sea Scrolls, Astronomy, Physics) but slim.  He wanted something that would be interesting to keep him engaged through the Summer when there are plenty of other things he could/should/wants to be doing.

Then he happened upon a photography course.

And not just any photography course.

This one in at a ranch in the interior over 5 days.  As in a fun course that is over in 5 days where the assignments are photos.....genius!

And........ you can take your family along.

Except our kids are away at camp on Anvil Island so it will be just me going along.

And......its a ranch we have been to before and love - Spring Lake Ranch (just outside of 100 Mile House) hosted us for a happy, sunny, hot week a few summers ago.  So no travel angst or need to do any research.....perfection!

So with his new camera, his text books already purchased and read, an intriguing and exciting course outline, Allan is delighted with this choice of elective for many reasons.  Course + new camera + accommodation for 2 for  5 days = most expensive course of the degree but it's more than just a course - its a mini vacation for Allan and I which we really didn't think we could swing this Summer!

I am SO looking forward to 4 days mostly on my own, reading, scrapbooking, swimming, kayaking, snoozing and taking my own photos (with maybe a tip or two from the pro's).

This degree has taken a lot of money, a lot of time away from our family, a lot of effort on Allan's part so it is nice to have a little piece of it to give us a happy, summer break.

We will miss these monkeys
And 3 credits.

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