Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thank the Staying

As word gets out that Allan is leaving his current school after 13 years he has reflected that people have been saying the nicest things about him.

He has been so taken aback about what people think about him as a person and a colleague and a teacher (all good and positive and some very touching). 

He is surprised to know what people think and a little sad, I think, to only know it now, as he leaves.

We have wondered together how it might be to say these things to ones colleagues as a regular, intentional practice?  Allan is certainly determined to foster the disposition in himself to be more intentional in affirming colleagues and co-workers and even students as much as he can in regular daily school life.....and in the rest of his life too.

I recently wrote this post on bringing affirmations to my workplace and although I highly value the practice, I find it is easy to lose in the busy, day-to-day-ness of life and work.

I encourage us all today to affirm, thank, connect with someone in your life or your workplace.

Don't wait until they either do something extraordinary or leave to say it.

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