Thursday, June 21, 2012


It is those crazy odd last two weeks of the school year in Canada.

The Big Kids (aka highschoolers) are out of school and only going for exams and most of those are done.  They go back for one morning on the 28th to pick up report cards and year books.  So they are in a wierd limbo space - on holiday but not quite, some studying, some not......trying to fill up long days.  Lindsay has had friends over, done baking, helped her Dad clean out his office at she is having a quiet restful day after a late night.  She is doing a course at Summer School this year (to free up more elective space in her calendar) so she is starting to look at that work and get ready for going to Camp in the second week of July

Allan is finished teaching - now invigilating exams, running workshops for colleagues, packing up to move schools, visiting the new school.....and getting ready to teach Physics Summer School.  He is also continuing his University studies right through the Summer with hopes of graduating in the Fall.

David is possibly feeling the most in limbo of us all as his elementary school days slowly wind down, less school work is being done, more fun stuff is being enjoyed with friends and teachers - today a day at Steveston Park and tonight the Grad Family Dinner at school.  Yesterday we went shopping for dress shoes for the Grad ceremony next week. I think he is both ready for it all to be done and also longing to hang on to it for a little bit longer.  It has been his best year in school and that is hard to let go off when it was so hard won.

I am in that post-conference limbo where BIG ideas are swirling in my head but I need to order them to make sense and carefully consider the next steps. 

And the whole Province is waiting for summer weather....... we have had a day here or there but I think there is a collective longing for sunshine and warmth!

So here's to getting through the next 10 the long weekend....when we will give ourselves a little treat of an overnight trip to Bellevue Washington, do a little retail, have a nice meal.....a little adventure to kick off the summer.

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