Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Toy

I have been having a fun time on FourSquare today with my buddies GH and NF dropping hints about our new toy.

They definitely came up with some pretty interesting guesses and called me mean for not telling then what it is.

I suspect they will now be disappointed with the reveal........

Allan We have long wanted a good digital SLR and we have prevaricated for months, maybe a year or two actually, about a) spending the money and b) what to spend the money on if we had it.

I have not been the driving force of this discussion as I am in love with my digital canon 14x optical zoom that fits in my jeans pocket and/or my purse and takes extraordinarily good shots.   Not as good as a good DSLR ,of course, but close, and for a fraction of the price and with less hassle.

But Allan recently signed up for a photography course (more about that in another post) and it didn't make sense for him to use our older (but still very serviceable) Canon DSLR (with a dirty spot on the lens we need to get cleaned).

So after much research and the realisation that Allan's schooling precludes a summer vacation (and therefore no expenditure of travel funds saved), we decided to dip into the savings and buy a......

Nikon D5100 body plus 2 lenses.

It's a beauty, we got it on sale and I think we are all going to enjoy owning it.  Allan spent ages pouring over the manual yesterday and I am sure when he completes his course he will know so much more.

I think it makes it sweeter that we had to wait, to save and work hard to afford it........It certainly makes us appreciative of what we have and determined to take good care of it.

Now to see how good we are at sharing our toys.

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