Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Out

This is not a blog post about preferred (or not) guidance techniques with toddlers although I could wax lyrical on the topic...... it was about me taking a time out on the beach to watch the sunset last night. 

I almost didn't go....... I was so tired and I had worked all weekend on the Art Auction and then all my course marks were due in today so I had to finish those...... and although I really didn't feel like making the effort I knew that if I did I would enjoy it.......

So we strapped the kayak to the truck, called up some friends and hit the tiny little beach just minutes from our house at Garry Point.  It is not a beautiful beach by world standards and it has certainly taken me a few years to get used to a beach with no waves (having grown up with the Indian Ocean and its crashing waves and the sandy beaches of South Africa) but this little nondescript beach has a firm place in my heart.  Partly because it is so close I can walk there whenever I want to, partly because I love the view of the islands (that stop the wave action), partly because the passing marine traffic is fascinating and diverse, partly because the frozen yoghurt is amazing, partly because the "Mayor" is my pal........ so many reasons......

So I stuck my toes in the sand, chatted with friends, watched Allan kayak, cuddled a sweet baby girl, and shot photos at are a few shots of my self-imposed time out.......

The sky was very dramatic when we arrived

Allan off to explore

The Mayor took a spirited turn in the Yak

One of 50 photos of a beautiful girl

Heading into the sunset

Penny is not yet a fan of the kayak

Harbour entrance
Here's to many more time outs for me this summer.

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