Sunday, July 31, 2011


When I penned my little post about heading out with my family and making memories I did not anticipate that this would be one of those weekends when a family legend is born...... you know.... one of those stories that will be told and re-told.......

There is one exactly the same from my own childhood...... I am hoping at least a few of you out there have had the same experience and we are not just a family of forgetful freaks..... ha ha....

After a long journey to the cabin..... intentionally so with a stop at friends in Chilliwack for dinner.... we arrived as the light was fading from the sky a little before 10pm .  We had the truck unpacked in pretty quick time and I set to unpacking the cold stuff into the fridge and making up the beds.  Allan walked in and flopped down on the bed.   I casually said.....I didn't see my suitcase come in..... Allan looked instantly sticken.... I, of course, thought he was joking but was quickly convince by casting my eyes around the little log cabin as well as Allans increasing distress, that, in fact, my suitcase was MIA.

Allan grabbed his keys and insisted he would drive home and back immediately - a 4 hour round trip.  I insisted that it was no big deal - I would grab a couple of t-shirts and some undies in Hope next morning, get the pharmacist to give me a couple of the meds I take and buy some ear plugs and all would be well.  At that I bundled everyone up and we went for a walk in the inky night to see if we could spot the promised meteor shower.  We saw SO many stars........ shining so amazingly brightly.....while David regaled us with all manner of celestial facts.......but the light from the newly dropped sun was still lighting the western horizon faintly, enough to obscure the meteors so we headed to bed.

It was a fitful night and Allan jumped in the truck at 7am and headed home for the case.   Of course it was the right, if irritating, decision.....I got the kids up, made breakfast and prepared a picnic lunch and when Allan returned at 11am we headed to the lake.

There were so many moments in the 30 minutes I was home on Friday we could have remembered the case, so many moments we came so close to seeing it....even as we pulled away I saw the bedroom window was open and we almost went back to close it........ but alas we did not.

I thought maybe it was a lesson for me on being happy with less but on that it was an epic fail - while my head was saying all the right things my heart was disappointed - I wanted my stuff (it would have been less of a deal if we weren't going to a hotel today or so I tell myself).  I wanted to model for Lindsay, who always stresses out about leaving stuff behind, that it was no big deal.....I tried to be nonchalant but inside I was trying to subdue panic and disappointment....I was very glad to get my stuff.....too glad probably......UGH......I think I disappointed myself.......I guess I have a ways to go being happy with less.

Funny.......memories made.....not quite as anticipated.......crisis averted by a long drive by a guy who loves me..... a small bump in an otherwise lovely weekend so far.

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