Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tender Tootsies

If you were watching an Early Childhood Educator at work you would see that they almost never sit down..... and when they do it is usually to read a book or open lunch containers or give a hug.  They spend ALOT of their work day on their feet.

So once a year I take them all to a Spa for a pedicure.

There is a great little Spa in Steveston called B&D Spa run by a mother/daughter team and they close to the public at 2pm, hire in a couple of extra estheticians and over the next 4 hours as each group of staff come off their shift they come over to the spa and have an hour long pedicure.  People come early and stay late and wander in and out of the various rooms chatting and catching up.  We work in 3 different locations so people enjoy the chance to catch up with one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

We provide a light supper too, so people can have a bite to eat while their toes are drying..... for some of them it is the only time they get a pedicure all year and they love choosing funky colours for their summer toes.  Some of them are so ticklish and giggle the whole way through.

It is a happy way to spend an afternoon / evening.

I get to go early (as I am not on a shift) and I so enjoy a quiet hour getting my toes done after all the running around to get the food and set everything up..... I close my eyes and drift off for a bit or read magazines..... and then I hostess for the rest of the night bringing people drinks and snacks, making sure everyone is getting what they need, and connecting with my staff.

And of course it's not a party unless there are goodie bags so I have assembled a little bag of pampering goodies for everyone to take home at the end of the evening.  The Spa gives everyone a rose as they leave which is a lovely touch.

So here is to those hard working feet of Early Childhood Educators everywhere......and to those being pampered tonight whose daily pitter patter of feet I am so grateful for!

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