Monday, July 4, 2011

It's a Starry Night

This week is all about Art.

It is the Society of Richmond Children's Centres Annual A Starry Night Art Auction on Saturday July 9th at 6:30pm at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel.

Our staff and children have been working for weeks on some very innovative art projects that we hope will fetch a pretty penny on silent and live auction.  Our parents and committee members have also worked hard to get some AMAZING silent auction and raffle prizes worth thousands of dollars (a signed Daniel Sedin photo anyone?). And our faithful local professional artists have once again donated amazing pieces.....a special thanks to Jodie Blaney for her work depicting Britannia Heritage Shipyards.

It will be a lovely evening of live music from the aptly named Starry Night Trio, delicious appetizers and wonderful art and prizes.  If you are in the neighbourhood come on by and enjoy all this for $10....or in my case chat to your bank manager before you come or keep your husband out of the room during the live auction of the Jodie Blaney original......ha ha.... we love her work and bought 2 pieces on auction last year.

Tonight we name the art (a process that gets easier and easier the more wine is consumed - then on the night we look at each other and wonder what possessed us to name it that...) and create the bid sheets and make a pocket out of brown paper for every piece of art so on the night people can take home a wrapped piece of art which feel good - like a gift - even though you just bought it.

I hope you will be amazed at the art I post here and on the link to our blows me away every year... these are preschoolers people!!!  Even our babies get in on the act.  Of course all of this work is facilitated by skilled and dedicated early childhood educators who spend hours with small groups of children or one-on-one with a child to get these pieces done.  Some of our ECE's are SO talented at putting pieces together or framing them just right so the effect is eye-catching and home wothy.  I take my hat off to them and owe them a great deal of thanks.

Several of our families have pieces of art from this event on the walls of their homes and no one can believe they were created by little people.....So come on's not too late (I could even score you a couple complementary tickets) and you too could have original art for a really great deal!

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