Monday, July 25, 2011


I feel I have a dilemma ...... with this blog.......

In so many ways I jumped into this blogging thing without much more than a desire to write - to set out on "paper" some of the things whirling around my head.  If I really think about it I believe I thought it would be serious and weighty. But also resounding in my head was the voice of a friend who is much smarter about bloggy / internet stuff than I am who really cautioned me that one of the keys to a successful blog was consistent blogging - no long gaps between posts...... otherwise people stop reading.  I have learned that this is true for me - I have stopped reading blogs that post infrequently -  I can't "connect" with the content because it's too sporadic.

But lets be honest, who wants to read about serious and weighty issues everyday?  And while we are being honest I will go ahead and just plain admit I don't have that many serious or weighty thoughts!  So my blog evolved into a mix of daily life recording and some more serious topics interspersed from time to time.  People seem to enjoy it - I get alot of positive feedback. I hit the 8000 mark for hits today - something is working.

And now I feel I owe my "audience" more of the same.  But I am also wanting to blog about some deeper stuff in my heart and on my mind but I feel somehow disloyal to my readers......... but maybe I am making too many assumptions about my readers, many of whom I do not know at all. 

Many would say "It's your blog, do what you want" and I get that. So I am trying to figure out a way to keep things almost the same with maybe a series of more serious posts interspersed.  So the series will be broken up by other more day to day posts........ If I seem a little hesitant it is because some of the women whose blogs I read have come in for some pretty nasty comments when they have posted either very self reflective content or content that made others feel uncomfortable.....and obviously I don't want to open myself up to that. 

But at this point I feel that I would not be being true to myself if I don't write some of these things - so I would appreciate your respectful engagement with the content and would love to have you stretch my thinking with your comments and feedback and your own stories.

First up (sometime this week I hope)........ a series on Poverty........ what / where / why / what to do?  Big questions I feel I can't ignore.  I have asked a fellow blogger if I can re-post some of her writing on the topic that I have found very instructive and though-provoking......... hang in there blog friends....... we're going on a journey!

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