Saturday, July 16, 2011


There are many things that make my heart happy - that make me feel a few:

Like having my house full of family and friends and serving up good food......we had that last night.   French doors flung wide, kids everywhere, great BBQ'd food and salads and an amazing cake from Broadmoor Bakery..... even though the rain tried to dampen the spirits we toughed it out and a good time was had by all.  I went to bed content......

Like my Jazzercise workouts - so often I am tempted to snuggle down on a Saturday morning and skip class, especially so today as the rain pelted down. But I picked up my trusty friend Jenny and we went to class..... I felt great when the Instructor told me this was my 50th class this year....... Really??  That is pretty amazing and well worth sneaking out of the quiet house for.

Like seeing results from my efforts to cut calories....... 12 weeks and I have lost 15lbs ......nice!

Like having all my family at home on a quiet Saturday afternoon.  We picked Lindsay up from the boat from Camp and we are all sitting in the family room reading or writing or facebooking..... I love having this little family all together.

Like having leftovers..... good lots of BBQ'd meat...... no fuss lunch made in minutes!

Like planning a roadtrip...... I love planning a trip and I am headed out for just a couple of days with a girlfriend in August...... I enjoy nosing around different options of places to stay and things to do..... I picked the route now all we have to do is agree on where to stay and the Nicky and Leigh version of Thelma and Louise will be well on its way.

Like a nap or a rest under the covers on a wet and cool Saturday afternoon...... speaking of which..... I am off to snuggle under the duvet and read .... maybe nap........ see ya later!

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