Friday, July 22, 2011

Fortune Cookies

I bought a couple bags of fortune cookies the other day and put them in the staff room at work..... it's been pretty funny to hear people react to their "fortunes".  It's also interesting to hear who takes them seriously..... or who see the "truth" in them.

My co-worker Linda and I laughed when between the 2 of us and 3 cookies all the fortunes were the  same..... we are apparently both getting promotions very soon......we decided they cheaped out and put all the leftover fortunes into this bag....seeing as she started Maternity Leave today and the only promotion she is getting is from mother of 1 to mother of 2 and given I am the promotion giver and therefore already at the top of the heap there ain't no promotion for me........

Linda and I work in closest proximity to the staff room and so we both hit that bag of cookies a few times - she is eating for two after all and I discovered they are only 25 calories each..... score! 

The important thing, I feel, is to eat fortune cookies in volume and then choose the fortune you like best......Here are some we got yesterday:

Your silence at this time is important (ok fortune cookie fortune writer I know my husband paid you for this)

An outstanding opportunity will soon present itself  (oh maybe that's the promotion?)

Follow the advice of your heart (ok heart - listening.......... any time now.......)

You will be traveling and coming into money (SWEEEEET....... wait.....I am going to a casino???)

Go easy, be moderate and patient (HA HA HA - I ate someone elses cookie OBVIOUSLY - my bad)

You will soon receive an invitation to a sporting event (please please please make it as a spectator not a participant)

I just HAD to google "bad fortune cookie fortunes"...... I was laughing so hard my co-worker came into my office to ask if I was ok.... seriously funny in a really bad way - I gift you this link and 6 I found very funny - I can just imagine someone opening it......see their face....

8.  You are sitting on gum.
18. The Tooth Fairy will step on your face.
27. 2,390,670,980 fortunes=one tree. Please recycle.
41. [Fortune Delivered by ESP]
47. You will be halved by a bad magician.
51. You have a spider in your ear.

Happy Friday!!!

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