Friday, July 29, 2011

Outta Here!

My family is headed for the hills....... or more precisely a little log cabin in the woods and then a little treat.... a night at Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

It better not be snowy!
Harrison Resort

 Every now and then I get this overwhelming feeling or intuition that we, as a family, need to circle the wagons and hunker down, just the 4 of us and re-create and re-connect......and make fun memories.  This is that weekend!

It's been a different summer for us.  The kids have been less scheduled which has had its pro's and con's.  They are learning with freedom and independence can also come lonliness and boredom.  In many ways my kids are living in two different worlds..... Lindsay is all teen girl and David is all pre-teen boy - they have few common interests and lots of points of conflict.  Some days I would happily sell them to gypsy's........ just kidding....... when did you last see a gypsy anyway???  I know they care about one another but honestly some days Allan and I feel more life referee's than parents.

Lindsay has a new social network to plug into that is in our neighbourhood which is so great (and leaves me kicking my own butt again over sending them out of our neighbourood to elementary school......argh...will I ever not regret that?).  She has been visiting with friends and baking and social networking.......getting ready for her next camp on Aug 6th.  She and her friend Ben are the Camp Babysitters - taking care of the workers kids.... a step up from being a camper and a new role but one she is excited about.

David is feeling stressed about the upcoming school change and is working through some of the hurt and anger over what happened during the last school year.  I am so thankful for a wonderful therapist who is working with him and us as a family to make new meaning of the past and help David find his confidence and self-esteem so he can make a strong transition to a new school.  He and Allan biked his new route to school a couple of times and then he did it all by himself (nearly giving me a heart attack in the is hard for this Mama to let her baby grow up!!).   He is off to soccer camp next week and then to Camp 6 on Anvil Island on Saturday for a week away full of fun and adventure.

Allan is teaching 2 online physics 11 classes and is continuing with his own studies at TWU so he is busy. But he is also taking time to spend one-on-one with the kids, biking with David and building a kayak with Lindsay.  He is a great Dad and I am grateful for the flexibility he has in the Summers.  I am also so grateful he has been taking the lead on the household chores for the last couple weeks.

And I am working.....blech.... but looking forward to a bit of break when the kids go to camp and I go on a mini roadtrip with a girlfriend.

So this weekend we are going to the cabin that captured our hearts so many years ago and we will breathe in the smell of trees, listen to "Dead Dog Cafe" on CD, make a fire, watch the stars in the ink black sky, soak in hot springs, eat good food, canoe on crystal clear lakes, read in the sun, chat, debate, cuddle and laugh and reconnect in all the most important ways.

This Canoe has taken us places......

A cozy fire and music or story CD's

Lightening Lakes Manning Park

This Mama's heart will be SO happy!

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