Sunday, July 3, 2011

Snippets from a sunny summer weekend

Hello Summer Sky

After a lovely Canada Day on Friday it was delicious to know there was still a whole weekend.... especially after I was violently ill on Friday night!

I took it easy on Saturday morning feeling a bit weak and shaky and was disappointed to miss Jazzercise.  I eventually venutred out on a must-do errand which required that I withdraw cash from my secret bank account (ok so its not so secret but it is hard to get at and the place we squirrel away any extra money from my teaching, our tax returns etc. so we can save).  As some of you on FB will know I had a hard time getting MY cash from said bank as they "don't have that much cash" and I should have called to pre-order".  WHAT??  Just another reason to ditch the big banks and stay with our delightful credit union...... GRRRR Anyway once I had visited two branches and amassed the needed amount of cash and paid the credit card.....I felt alot better! 

We are off to Hawaii in December and I am SO excited!!  7 nights in a suite in Waikiki with a view of Diamond Head.....swaying palms, gentle waves, tropical sunsets, these are the images that will get me through the next 6 months.(and leaves Ms.Langman plenty of time to make travel plans!!)

We usually take a 3 week vacation in the Summer and last year we had an amazig Californian Odyssey but with Allan at University he only gets two night off classes (therefore only 2 weeks of vacation and they are not together) so no long summer vacation for us this year.  We do plan a couple of long weekend trips closer to home and maybe a 5 nights at the cabin at the end of August.

I don't know about you but I need something to look forward to and seeing as Hawaii books out so early for Christmas the deals were starting to disappear so we jumped at the chance.  My parents are coming with us and we get back a few minutes before Chirstmas Day.  Our suntans and sandy feet will be our gifts to one another this year.

I spent most of the rest of the day doing some gardening chores, groceries, hulling another few boxes of local strawberries and sitting in the sun in the backyard.  Lindsay went off to babysit and Allan and I had dinner with our friend Doug and his boys.

We slept in again today and have had another quiet morning with freshly baked croissants on the patio.  I cleaned David's room and picked up around the house and did some laudry and some marking and Allan has been working on school stuff all day.  He starts teaching his Physics 11 online course tomorrow for Richmond Virtual School and he finishes his second course at Trinity on Tuesday with a final paper and a presentation....he is working really hard and I am proud of him for his commitment to the work.

We had the absolute delight and pleasure of having three of the best little people in the world over to play while their parents catch a movie.  Arlo, Sola and Penny sure know how to make us laugh and delight our hearts with their chatter and cuddles and giggles.  We played and sang and read books and went for a walk and some napped and then we had dinner..... phew so much fun and so busy.

Boys and Books

Sweet girls Sola and Penelope

Penny is so observant of tiny specks which she picks up and hands to you

She cracks us, and herself, up!


Pointing Penny - always on the go!

If this doesn't make you laugh nothing will

Our gorgeous godson Arlo
Feeling content.......and ready for a glass of wine and my book while Allan and Lindsay sail away on another Pirate Adventure!

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