Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day

I love Canada - I am ever so grateful to live in this country (and hope they let me stay....but that is another story!).
I love Steveston - our own little corner of this fair land.
I love tradition..........
SO therefore I LOVE
The Canada Day Parade in Steveston.

We go down early and set out our chairs on "our" corner and then head out to find breakfast.  We lucked out on getting into the Cannery Cafe and having a nice breakfast. We wandered back to our spot and chatted with various friends passing by.  At 9:30am  the little kids come by on their bikes all decked out in red and sweet.....

And then the parade that never ends does......every group in the whole Lower Mainland has a car or a few people with a banner........... heck I think we could have a Byres float if we put a Canada flag on the truck and honked our horn and waved at the crown... there was a truck today that said Joe and Lily - no idea what it was for???

It's the same every year and I LOVE IT!

Here are a few highlights:

Early in the morning

Allan found this cute girl to watch the parade with

We spotted this guy in the crowd wearing an interesting t-shirt that says
Penny got into the flag waving

A parade is nothing without a pipe band - this one had a smiling drummer in the back row!

Lots of cadets but this little flute player was very sweet!

This woman waved with both her hands......or didn't want her photo taken????

Every parade needs a giant chicken apparently

Zed for Zamboni

The parade always ends with the water fight this year.
We came home and had a great BBQ with friends.  Now zoning out but soon to retire to the sunny backyard with a beverage.


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