Tuesday, July 19, 2011


David is in an Environmental Leadership Camp called FUN Camps this week.

Each week of FUN Camps has a different theme and through games and FUN we try to raise awareness of some challenges and SOLUTIONS to building more sustainable communities. This week is one of my all time favourite themes "Food." The main message for the week is what we call the "FIVE N's" which means: 

N for Now (Food that is in season)
N for Near (Buying food that is produced locally or growing some of your own)
N for Natural (Otherwise known as organic - food that is free of pesticides and chemicals that may be harmful to our environment and health) 
N for Naked (Food that does not come with excessive plastic and paper packaging, no packaging is best!)
N for Nutritious (Otherwise known as good for you! Foods that are nutritious such as fruits and vegetables)

I think this is the 4th year we have been taking our kids to this camp and they love it - they spend tons of time outside, the group of kids is very diverse and they come home tired and with lots of good info.

The paradox is that we drive all the way to UBC (University of British Columbia) twice a day!! That is 100km - so we totally blow the whole carbon footprint commitment so our kids can learn to be better stewards of the earth.  Hmmmm......... So sign up your kids....they will love it and I really want to carpool with you!!

Sitting for 45 minutes (twice) in the traffic today (not at all helped by the fact the Canadian Open Golf Tournament is on my route) I was feeling blessed that my usual commute is 12 minutes and minimal, if any, traffic.  Living close to work definitely adds to quality of life.  It would frustrate me so much to waste so much time driving!  
I only have to do the UBC trek twice this week and Allan is doing the rest and I am grateful!

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