Monday, May 23, 2011

Eating locally

As you know - eating locally is a goal we all hold in our family.  Eating in season is part of that.  I have been paying careful attention to those little white stickers on fruit and vegetables that often say "Mexico" or "Florida" or places even further afield.  I just put them down - we don't need food that had expended gallons of fuel to get to our table.  But this means we need to be on top of what is in season locally....... and this week we hit the ....... JACKPOT!!

It's BC Spot Prawn Season!!!  

Allan headed down to Steveston Harbour and got 2.5lbs of the little beauties right off the boat....... the kids were amused that they were still wriggling in the bag!!

 Last night Allan beheaded them (this is the reality of fresh food) and simmered them to get the "bits" and shell off. I was grateful he did this on the BBQ burner outside because as much as I love seafood the smell seems to linger for far too long in the house.

Then he sauteed them in a little garlic and finished them with lemon and pepper and a little cream.

Of course one must accompany such delectable local bounty with a fitting side dish...... so in true Allan style.. you make your own pasta...... yes you do...... with a little help from your kids.

Lindsay cranks the handle as Allan feeds the pasta

Long, skinny, ribbon of pasta

becoming spaghetti

Did you know - you use a pencil to make...


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