Saturday, May 7, 2011

Technology is here to stay?

I am having a hard time with this one.............

A few weeks ago I started seeing  items crop up in David's Agenda from school noting homework that was to be done on an iPod Touch.........This was a new thing for me... I have seen homework to be done on the computer before but not this.

So I wrote a note to the teacher asking if an iPod Touch was required at school.  Predictably this caused a quick response by the teacher assuring me there was no such requirement but that since so many student had them he wanted to help them use it appropriately..... that this was the new wave of education but that we did not have to rush out and get one.  I asked what the social implications were for David not having one........ no response.....he went back to the technology argument...... I asked how many children did NOT have iPod Touch's.... He said about 8....... I asked what they did when he was using them to teach..... he said he lent his to the kids and there was ONE school one......and the rest had to share....

I was mad........ and Allan was madder........ ( as is generally the case in our house...... just kidding Honey:)

We talked to David about it and , as usual, he was stoic....."it's ok , I can share with someone".  But every now and again he would comment on how the other kids played on their iPod at lunch........ it was just a comment but it was like a dart to my heart.

So last weekend Allan plonked down the $300 and got David the iPod Touch.  His face was priceless when Allan told him..... and the hugs were plentiful and sincere.  We are delighted to have him back on the "have" side of the equation but we are still super annoyed at the whole situation.  

But I tell you what is hardest........ that the iPod has replaced his beloved books.   David has always loved to read, more than the average boy.  I call him a full body reader because he cannot sit still and read for long, he moves around the house as he reads, it is pretty hilarious, you never know where you will find him........

But now he sits with that stupid little device in his hand for hours..... ok it's not stupid...... and David is reading international  newspapers, various blogs, and other info..... he also plays Angry Birds.......but really, who doesn't (guilty as charged!!).

I know we are the adults and need to set the limits.... and we I happily found him reading again today..... and it made my heart SO very happy.

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