Sunday, May 15, 2011


You would think after the last 2 months of my life that a free Saturday would be something to be used to rest and rejuvenate.......sleep in, leisurely breakfast, maybe read or scrapbook, play Angry Birds, go for a walk, catch up with myself.

But no......

I was overcome with this desperate urge to do stuff around the house.......I wanted to be busy and get stuff done in the house and in the yard....... ok, to be clear (before this gets out of hand). I am NOT nesting...... there is no longer a ...... nest, so to speak....... no more babies in this house (not biological ones anyway).

So I hopped  slowly got out of bed with my less-than-Fab-Abs protesting after their workout on Friday night and went off to Jazzercise at 8am.  I did my workout with high intensity - (It's that "all or nothing" thing ) and came home feeling fantastic like I had been hit by a MAC truck.

After a great breakfast and a long hot shower I headed out with Lindsay to run some errands. But when I got home I ripped the Laundry Room're getting that all or nothing thing right??    I do not have a before photo because it was downright embarrassing after a few months of neglect.  It had turned into the rubbish room where everyone dumps whatever doesn't have a home elsewhere.  Just horrible!!  So I gutted it (with a little help from David), swept and washed the floor and rearranged, threw out and organized it all and am quite delighted with it - I wanted to do a little dance in it when it was all done.......... sad how happy this makes me, truly..........

In the middle of doing the laundry, the power washer arrived and I suggested that seeing as we were moving everything off the patio we should take a bunch of stuff to the Dump....... (I can see you might be getting the picture that we live in a rundown hovel that has been neglected..... not true......I do not know where all this stuff comes from.....I think people come in the night and leave their broken, disregarded furniture and bags of soggy fermenting leaves in our yard.....couldn't be us.........).... so Allan and I loaded up the Rolling Blue Thunder and headed off to the City Dump....... (Lindsay called it a Dump Date......Lindsay is gross)...... we got to catch up on a number of conversations we have been meaning to have all week so now I can claim to have had facetime with my spouse and achieved the ever-elusive work/family balance .... for this week anyway :)

We got back and I power washed the patio........ I love to challenge the usual gender roles for my kids and Allan had school work so I donned the big black rainboots and went to work!!  No way is there a photo of that!!  But here is a before and after of my work.

In past years my friend Graham has been kind enough to do this job for us..... but he was feeling bitter because my Junior Youth Team beat his in the photo scavenger hunt on Friday night so he refused.......Just kidding..........I wanted to do it myself (but he is still bitter about Friday).   It is very satisfying to see the grime coming off the concrete and washing away.  Because Graham has done it in the past I have always just been delighted to have it done but now that it was me doing it I knew that any spots I missed would bug me all I was maybe a bit pedantic about doing every last inch...... I can hear Graham protesting loudly that he never missed any spots ever.......OK OK..... he probably didn't.... all I am saying is it wouldn't have bugged me if he did but it sure would if I did.......... I have no idea what the heck that means about me!!

So I went to bed with a sore body and totally exhausted but happy and satisfied with the day........ the list-checker-off part of me was very please with itself.

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  1. Well done honey! You didn't even have to add things to the list to cross off straight away!