Thursday, May 19, 2011

TV Time

Drs. McDreamy, McSteamy and the rest of the Seattle Grace Gang and I........we escape together......every Thursday at 9pm.....for an hour.

It's my hour....well it was....I notice my daughter is increasingly is sharing this hour with me. Total downtime escapism.

I got started on the Greys Anatomy train very late and had to buy a couple of seasons to catch up but I was hooked right off the bat and its the only show I have ever watched all seasons of. I love that it is set in Seattle -I have actually seen Seattle Grace... I KNOW!!  And I find the cast of characters so interesting (although..... I will admit this season was my least favourite.... I miss the intensity of the early seasons - I think watching them on DVD with no ads and back-to-back helped with that and the long breaks this season really messed with the story - not to mention that musical debacle.... anyway.... I digress)

Tonight is the season finale and it's going to be dramatic, I think, but in a sad way ..... I almost don't want to watch.....I could PVR it but it my colleagues would be furious.... there is a small group of us that are devoted (although we are in different camps 3 misguided McSteamy's and 2 McDreamy's) and we will need to talk it through tomorrow......which will make a nice change from Canuck games post-mortems...... happy though they were today!

So I'll be claiming my couch real estate, glass of wine in hand (calories be damned) and holding on for the ride.

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