Saturday, May 14, 2011

The busier I am

the more I get done...... totally true ...... up to the point at which the busy-ness leads to total collapse.  I did not collapse this week, as crazy and busy and packed as it was.  And in a strange way I do find that that a totally full schedule works for the the Type A that I am. Everything has to be super organised and scheduled and I have to focus....on everything. I actually managed to cope with a totally unexpected and very serious incident that cropped up late on Wednesday, right before I was leaving the office.  It delayed me but did not derail me.  Maybe I am growing up at last!!!

I think what I am most satisfied with this week is, that although work was crazy, my BIG conference was Thursday, I have 2 practicum students and I taught Wednesday night (that's all 3 of my jobs right there), I managed to have two wonderful days with my children.

Lindsay came to conference as an assistant.  Taking a day off high school was a harder decision for us and we asked her to chat with all her teachers and make sure she caught up on any missed work.  She did that and had them all sign her agenda so we could see.  She worked so hard and is so competent and poised...... I know this is a repeat of the last post and I am biased being her Mom but really, it was lovely to see her in that context and I was so proud.  We also had lots of lovely chats and more than a few laughs.  I feel so lucky to have her to share this part of my life with.

On Friday I took the day off but scheduled my annual physical for 9am in Vancouver....... I know!!  David was disappointed that I didn't take him to conference so I offered him a day off from his dismal classroom to spend the day with me.   He jumped at the opportunity and we decided together to go to Granville Island after my Drs appointment.

When we got there I had my camera at the ready but honestly we have SO many photos of Granville Island already...... did we really need more?  We decided to look for different things to photograph than the usual..... we decided to look at the industrial history of GI through the lens.   David spotted some very interesting things as we went along.  It was a happy little project for us both.  OK locals (or observant visitors) see if you can guess where on Granville Island these are...

We did some wandering, some shopping (I told him he could have a gift of his choosing and he chose the "Book Of Awesome" from the bookstore in the Net Loft (Mommy 1 - iPod Touch 0). We picked up a few meals and lots of fruit and vegetables.  We ended our adventure with lunch on the deck at Jericho Sailing Club...... the view was lovely, it was wasn't raining but it was cool and breezy.  We chatted and ate and drove home past the beaches and around the UBC point - one of my favourite drives in the world.

So , in spite of being super busy this week,  I had some wonderful time with my children, a rare and wonderful gift.  Now if I could just get some time with my spouse..... I could claim work/life balance for this week at least!

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