Thursday, May 26, 2011

Year End

I know some of you think its about to be June and consider it closer to the middle of the year but over here in the Great While Wet North it is about to be the end of the year...... for school, for soccer, for dance, for David being in out-of-school care...... (for the first time in 10 years we won't be paying child care fees!).

And it is BUSY.

June is like a sprint to the end and we all collapse on the Canada Day (July 1) Long Weekend and the long 2 month Summer vacation starts (or that is the usual plan..)

So it's about now (at the 11th hour) that the issue of teacher/coach gifts comes up for me.  I know if I was a "real" woman I would have made charming and delightful personal gifts that would be all ready to go..... BUT... I am scrambling to compile the list of who I need gifts for nevermind actually getting it done.  Ok well  I did already do the Dance Teacher gifts as the year end show was on Tuesday - they got a lovely french wine.

I guess what trips me up is the dilemma I feel about how much to "gift" someone for doing their job (as in school teachers and early childhood educators) or for doing what I paid alot of money for them to do (as in Dance teachers).  Soccer coaches are a no-brainer for me, they volunteer their time and skill (and after standing in the torrential rainstorm coaching last night deserve more than I could "gift" them anyway) and I am thankful and frankly happy to give a gift.

Which brings me to the next dilemma......what to give?  I have not even met the soccer coach and have no idea what would be appropriate (or completely offensive and/or useless to him).  The same is true of the teachers and ECE's and Dance instructors to some degree..... I might know them a little bit (or have an inside source who can tip me in the right direction) or my kids will have some insights.

I LOVE giving gifts - but I detest giving thoughtless gifts.  It is all too easy to stand in front of the "Gift Card Centre" at the Safeway and throw three pieces of plastic in the basket but not only does that add up to a high $ total in surprisingly little time but it is often a shot in the dark.  And it can make you, the gift giver, look cheap and disinterested.  I know some people adore gift cards but I think you have to be totally sure it's the right thing. 

SO.......... I have my list now and I have some ideas. I know from Allan's experience as a teacher and from all my staff that the words written in cards most often have the deepest and longest impact so I will be making some cards this weekend and trying to find that perfect gift........and if I really can't (or I run right out of time) I will slip a bookstore GC in the envelope..... sigh!

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