Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vancouver Farmers Market

After a lovely concert last night followed by a less than lovely late night dinner (why must the music be so loud that you cannot speak to the person across the table??)...... we woke early-ish this morning to make the most of a kid-free morning.

Allan popped out to get his hair cut while I got my eyes opposite the holes and then we headed off to Vancouver for breakfast before the Farmers Market.

We ended up at this very funky Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe ( wouldn't it have been easier to call it the "Clog Cafe"?  ....... oh ok...... now that I type that I see why they didn't use it.... my bad).   It has a very eclectic menu  - don't be looking for bacon and eggs and the decor is....... interesting.... lets just say "Restaurant Make-over" would gut it......but it would lose some of its charm.

And then on to the .......

This was my first visit - Allan has been a couple of times in the pouring rain through the winter months.  It was so lovely and so interesting!  Especially with "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" so fresh in my mind and our focus on eating locally......... We wandered happily looking at all the wonderful food......


We decided, based on the veg available, that we would make Leek and Potato on Tuesday !! We picked through the organic leeks fresh from the ground and got an armful of goodlooking ones, which at $26, they had better be!!  It caused us to have a conversation about the cost of organic/local eating...... it does cost more so it either takes cash or sacrificing something else to do it.  It's an interesting discussion and hopefully as the Eat Local / Organic movement grows the demand will bring the prices down.

Our best find today was locally sourced wheat locally milled into flour...... this is the Holy Grail of local eating as it is so hard to find.....even Barbara Kingslover didn't manage this!!!  We had a lovely chat to the Miller (now how many of you can say you did that lately?) and bought 2 pounds of freshly milled flour which is already on its way to being a couple of baguettes for dinner!

Allan indulged me with a quick stop in Queen Elizabeth Park and I snapped these Spring pics of beautiful Vancouver.....

All this before lunch..... how lucky am I?

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