Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dads and Daughters

FINALLY a sunny Sunday.
FINALLY a Sunday that Allan had no homework.
FINALLY a Sunday that Lindsay had no dance (and no homework!).

We all enjoyed a quick lunch after church sitting outside in the sunshine - the warm sunshine.... it was SO lovely.

We did a quick inventory of the garden tasks that needed to be done: tomatoes planted, herbs planted, potatoes mounded and the next tire added and a trellis for the peas built and installed, baskets watered.

David is our water boy

Lindsay wanted to build the trellis for the peas with her Dad and he was willing to let her.  These two have a beautiful but complicated relationship but one of things Lindsay most loves and needs her Dad for the most is to learn from him.  And he is a talented and wonderful teacher.  So lucky for them both.

So they set to work, side by side.  Allan giving the needed guidance and instruction and Lindsay loving getting the project done.  She listened and she followed instructions (without much sass) and in 40 minutes the trellis was installed and netted and ready to go. 

Note the pencil in the back pocket

Measure twice , cut once

Lindsay just recently decided to switch from taking photography next year as an elective to taking woodworking.  Her Dad is a wood work teacher and I think it makes them both very happy to have this new thing to share.  I think Allan is going to have to share the "Man House" with his little girl as she build things.  Right now they are out there together building a gumball machine.  Lindsay is being taught by the woodshop teacher at her school who is a former colleague of Allan's so there is some friendly rivalry going on between the Dad and the teacher and while Lindsay proclaims that this is "so embarrassing" I think she is secretly enjoying it.  Who knows what will happen when she shows up with a better gum ball machine that she made at home with her Dad on Monday.... the shop teacher, who is quite eccentric, and thinks his gum ball machine is the best ever, might just explode!!!  There is much pride on the line here and Miss Lindsay in the middle of it all!! And loving it!

So a happy, calm, sunny Sunday in Steveston........ wonderful.

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