Monday, May 30, 2011


While doing my current office re-organisation I HAD to go to IKEA of course. 

New coffee table - check
New lamp  - check
New area rug - check
New storage containers - check

I did not grow up with IKEA - it was such a revelation when we first came to Canada that we would walk aimlessly on the maze of walkways just marvelling at the various rooms set up.... and then eating in the ridiculously cheap restaurant...... and often go home empty handed.... just
too overwhelmed to make a decision.

That did not last long.

As soon as we got our first apartment we furnished it from IKEA. To this day I think almost every room in our house has a piece of IKEA furniture in it. Miraculously our marriage has survived putting together that many pieces of IKEA furniture.

When we moved into the house we live in now we had to gut the kitchen.  We checked out various places but ended up back at IKEA with graph paper and measuring tape in hand.  They made it easy to order and we walked out delighted we had a kitchen, of our design, on its way to us. 

A few days later I fell down the stairs and broke my arm in 5 places.

A few days after that 90 boxes arrived.

Our flat IKEA kitchen.  

I swear I did not throw myself down the stairs to avoid putting the kitchen together.  It is, in fact, more frustrating to watch other people screw the door on upside down than doing it yourself.

I think it all turned out rather well.....

So as I was walking the blue IKEA maze this week I was marvelling again at the whole concept and the creativity and the prices and the crazy names of all the items.  I have this uneasy feeling that back in Sweden a bunch of designers are laughing their butts off at the names they have called something we loving put in our homes.....

Some crazy IKEA images for you...

Do not put your baby in a the big plastic box...ok, just don't.... it will get spots
Lies Lies Lies...and is anyone in Sweden called Billy?    

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