Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have been planning to move a small ornamental maple from one planter to another.

This is not just any tree.

It was a tree I bought and planted on the one year anniversary of my sister-in-laws death.

I put this plaque on it........

The tree sat at our front door as a constant reminder of her precious life.  Last summer we moved it around to the patio at the back so we could put in on an irrigation system while we were away for a few weeks last summer and there it stayed all winter.  I think we'll keep it there now.

It has out grown its planter and I bought a beautiful copper planter last weekend to make the move.  I did it today and it was hard work.  Our Hazel tree was well and truly rooted in the old cedar planter and did not want to give it up.  It took lots of digging and I could hear the roots snapping.  I felt awful - I have this ridiculous tendancy to humanise objects (I am the kid who put her dolls in boxes and poked holes in the box so they could breathe) so it was not only a physical tug of war but an emotional one too.  I actually told the tree that she would love the new planter and have lots of space.......I was talking to a plant..... but I was also talking to Hazel and remembering her.

The tree is now safely tucked into the new planter and I am praying it settles in and grows strong.  I need to reattach the plaque and the job will be done.

We don't need the tree to remember our sister/aunt but I like having something tangible.

So I dedicate this, my 150th blog post, to Hazel Ann - we miss you.

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