Monday, May 9, 2011


The McMath Wildcats Girls Rugby finished its rookie season today on a muddy field in West Vancouver.  They lost by a couple of points (which was disappointing) but they really showed amazing character and determination throughout the season.......and such a radical improvement from game one until today!

Lindsay was a bit nervous about today, not the game, but the fact that 3 Grade 11 girls were coming in our car.  We usually drive Grade 8's that she knows a bit.  In every long trek to the North Shore I have made over the last few weeks I have found the girls and the conversation intriguing and illuminating.  I have been impressed with thoughtful conversation and polite manners.........before they go out on the field and throw thumping tackles left, right and centre.... Grit and Grace personified.

Lindsay throwing the line-out - Wildcats ready!

Today was only different in that the conversation was a little more mature, less pop culture, but still lots of chat about school, teachers and peers.  I was touched that one of the Grade 11's asked the 2 Grade 8's how they were enjoying school and what they had been afraid of when they started.  There was a lot of honest sharing and a lot of compassion and empathy .....and shared experiences.  They were all so lovely.  Lindsay told me later that she had been so scared of two of those Grade 11's when she started school (they are Goth Mom!!!) but that now she has got to know them she likes them and they like her.

There was a "Linked In" program at the school to ease the transition for Grade 8's into the high school culture but to be perfectly honest it did not live up to expectations for Lindsay.  Being on this team, with this range of grades, all girls (I think that makes a big difference) has been the best thing about Grade 8 for Lindsay.  If your child is going to high school soon (Rachel, this means you) encourage your kids to get on a team or in a club where a variety of ages are represented.......... I guarantee it will add to their high school experience.

They huddled together after their loss today and thanked each other for a great time and thanked their coach and their sponsor teachers (I added my thanks to these 3 great people too for their time and encouragement)...... it was great to see them and listen to them..... I was proud to be a Wildcat Mom!

Watch out Wildcats WILL be back!!

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