Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brainy Ladies

I do not relish new and unknown social situations. 

I am actually quite shy (no really I am!!) but have learned how to make small talk at parties.

Last night I ended up in circle with 3 others women.  An engineer, a patent lawyer and an educator.  Wicked smart ladies - all older than me.

And we discussed a very broad range of topics from politics to religion, to raising children, travel, robotics, unfinished renovations, education, funding for education........ so many topics and I had a blast.  I had to think hard, be articulate, argue my points...... it was fun. 

Tonight it's girls night - a reunion of the our girls weekend getaway and I am so looking forward to the chatting, relaxing, laughing, singing, sharing and smart debate .... it will be easy because I know these girls - we have a great level of trust and respect and love for one another.

Two totally different evenings - two different crowds - lots of fun.......... LUCKY ME!

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