Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Graham "The 30 Year old Man" Hofs

You can take the boy out of the prairies........

Telling his birth story which included the words "even the trees made me cry"

Graham demonstrates excellent fine motor skills
Mr "Fun Guy" Junior Youth Leader!

Ninja Hofs

He really is excited for Fridays
He is only 2 feet off the ground

Giving the kids the "rules" BWAHAHAHAHAHA even they don't buy it

Bend it like.??...... ooops it broke.......

Kayaking - the before he fell in photo

Man talk

The Warrior - Before

Modelling safe behaviour for young boys - and throwing eggs
His crowning achievement to date! Penelope Pepper!

Thrilled to be 30

Ain't no doubt about it!

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