Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hidden Treasure

You will remember that I posted about cleaning out the junk/cutlery drawer a week or so ago.  In that catch-all drawer I found three old camera films....

Remember these?

David and I dropped them off at London Drugs a week ago and on Friday we went back to see what was on those films.  While I knew there was a high probability we would get nothing seeing as the films were 6-8 years old and I had no idea if they had even been used at all......I was hopeful...and so was David......

So we weren't all that surprised when they told us one film was blank - unused.

The next film had images on it but they were so degraded there was no point in printing them.


BUT the 3rd film had images - 29 were salvaged and as requested saved onto a CD. 

We paid and walked 4 feet over to the photo booth computer and excitedly put in the cd to view the images

And the CD wouldn't open......

We switched computers and voila the cd opened........ with grainy images of David's graduation from Treehouse and Lindsay's Grade 1 birthday!

Yay yay yay........ how much fun to see those photos.....and see our kids when they were so small.....

So interesting to see their personalities coming out in the photos in much the way their personalities are today...... Lindsay often hamming it up and David often with the shy smile...

Lindsay is likely going to use the following photos as grounds for not returning from France but I think the rest of us will get a kick out of them......... 

Jump in the time machine with me - we are going to 2003

Lindsay's first manicure

Birthday girl
The infamous three hamming it up for the camera

Birthday morning

Off to school


  1. Half those clothes are still worn by my kids!!!!

  2. I did love that denim dress with the flowers but I am not sure what I was thinking with the maroon pants! Glad they are getting good use - there are a pile more on their way to you!