Monday, October 3, 2011

That drawer

You know that drawer........ some people call it the junk drawer, the one where everything gets put when one can't think of where else it might go, the catch-all for the oddest things!

About the only thing I like about moving house is chucking the junk drawer out.  I don't look, I just chuck!

But........ we are neither moving house ever soon and nor is this supposed to be the junk drawer!  I tried to eliminate the junk drawer!

It's supposed to be the cutlery drawer!

But besides the knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons and other assorted cutlery items (both useful and not) the following items were discovered:

2 battery chargers
A strawberry huller (un-used)
A bottle opener -ok more than one bottle opener - ok 3 bottle openers
2 screws
A drill bit
3 old fashioned films that I intend to get developed (should be fun)
one chopstick
3 pkgs soy sauce (at this point I stopped asking why?)
2 pkgs Nando's peri peri sauce
A dozen felt pads for under chairs
A whistle
A piece of the slap chop "machine"
Several old keys (which Lindsay will be cleaning and making into jewellery)
A Candian Tire Token (we offered it to David but he declined to swallow it - lesson apparently learned!)
Pinking shears
Bees wax for furniture 
More than one DQ Blizzard spoon - that is all am I going to say!
Lock de-icer
A tin storage container for matches - it was empty!
Assorted plastic cutlery
2 black sharpies
Scotch tape and packing tape (which we shouldn't ever need again because we are not moving!)
3 pens
An eraser
2 tea lights - one used - one not
A golf ball
75 cents Canadian
1 American penny
Drawer dirt....... I shamefully do all those crumbs and other stuff end up in the drawer! Eeww!

So I tackled it on Sunday - and returned it to it's intended purpose!

Drawer craziness

A blank (and clean) slate

Good and clean and fresh!
Ahhh - cutlery in a cutlery drawer! Genius!

That is IT - no more stuff!

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