Monday, October 31, 2011

Hushed Halloween

We almost missed Halloween this year......... ok.....that would be hard to do but it's the quietest Halloween since 1997.....

Jet-lagged Lindsay just isn't into it this year and given David is at a new school we decided to recycle the Wii-remote from last year so no costume designing/making/building.
He had a very happy day at school.  He is hoping to go out for a while tonight and given it is dry and the Wii won't disintegrate I think we'll make this the swan song of Halloween Trick or Treating for the Byres Family.  

On the other hand I did more on the Halloween treat side than ever before.  I didn't mean to do more - it just turned out that way.  I had an idea, David concurred but it took me way, way longer than I anticipated......but I was happy with the results.

Fun and easy.....but doing 32 was a bit much!!!

The house was done last night and looks respectable but the pumpkins have yet to be carved! And keeping them lit in this wind will be a feat!

So my parents will come over and we will order pizza like we always do!  That might be all that lasts of Halloween in our house after this year. 

Oh and answering the door for the cute little trick or treaters........

Life moves on........sigh........

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