Sunday, October 30, 2011


I was chatting with a friend about being busy, working-more-than-one-job-kind of busy, and how to balance family time without losing your mind...... or something along those lines......I don't have the answer (sorry) but I do have a strategy I often employ that works for my family.

We huddle.  Figuratively of course because a 14 year old girl and 12 year old boy don't "do" physcial contact unless in a life threatening circumstance (I can only hope) or being given the "death stare" by their mother.(and then as quick as possible!)

Our "huddle" is a declaration of "Byres Family Day".  And being us........ it is usually focused around food.

And so on this Byres Family Day we headed out for breakfast at the Steveston Hotel.  We then headed to our beloved Granville Island with a half-formed dinner plan than would involve lamb.  We wandered our usual market route and bought:
2 litres chicken stock
2litres vegetable stock
Dry smoked chorizo
Organic red skinned nugget potatoes
Organic onions (we had a little chat with the vendor about the fact the onions were from California and how surely organic could be sourced locally because we would actually choose local over organic - it was an interesting chat).
Russet potatoes, corn, celery,gala apples, macintosh apples, nectarines, peppers, ginger
Key limes and corn tortillas and cumin and coriander (it was at this moment the idea for a Thai curry dinner with jasmine rice was born - to be followed by key lime pie!).

We put the food in the car (in the cooler Allan brilliantly remembered to bring!) and wandered through our favourite stores in the Net Loft and then into "Ten Thousand Villages" where we did some excellent Christmas shopping - very pleased indeed I was!

We wandered a bit more - found a totally cool new store called "Make" and bumped into an old colleague from work.

With my trusty canon back in my hands I also snapped a few Fall trees on Granville Island and on some of the avenues on the way home - stay tuned for Wordless Wednesday!  I am loving the Fall colours this year.

The rest of the day has been chores but we have done them together - with much chatter and help:
Groceries at Save On including pumpkins for carving (and candy)
Got the Halloween Rubbermaid out of the storage closet
Did some Halloween decorating
Finished treats for David's class
Check on costumes for tomorrow
Made soup (corn chowder for Tuesday)
Lindsay plugged away at homework which is backlogged from her trip
Laundry was done
I cleaned all the toilets !!!  Its a yucky job but someone has to do it!
Allan and I synched our schedules for the next two weeks

And now dinner prep is well under way and smells amazing. Looking forward to family dinner and a sense of "reconnectedness" from our "huddle" day!   This will preserve my sanity for a few more weeks until another "huddle" will be required with the team that makes every day worth living - even the crazy too busy days. 

I love you

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