Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vive La France

Our beautiful daughter Lindsay is leaving for France on Oct 12 for a 2 week school trip to Paris, Normandy, Brittany, the Loire many beautiful, richly historic and far away places.

Seeing as we will be away at the Cabin next weekend for Thanksgiving I decided that we should celebrate all things French to mark this big event in our lives!

I made flyers for the event and gave each member of the family one on Thursday night..... it said!

To Celebrate a weekend of getting Lindsay ready for France you are invited to participate in the following!

Wearing as much Red / White / Blue as possible
Eating Croissants
Speaking French or in a French accent at all times
Offering helpful advice about travel in France
Eating French Toast
Drinking wine
Wearing a beret

And so we have celebrated all weekend long.   I think Allan and my french accents and vocabulary have improved immensely - the children might disagree!

The culmination of our efforts was a bistro dinner last night.  A magnificent meal that lasted over 3 hours and was interspersed with Lindsay showing us on Google earth all the places she is going and staying.......actually what Lindsay was doing was finding every patisserie and boulangerie within 500 feet of where she is staying - she was very pleased indeed to find several promising spots!   One of the places they are staying is 400 meters from the D-day beaches and as for the Auberge in the Loire Valley -!

Ze parents in ze berets....cute non?
Le Menu

French linens and bistro table settings
We projected a Paris night scene and then toured France via google earth

Salut Lindsay et Bon Voyage (now put the wine DOWN)
French onion soup - of course!

Pork Tenderloin and mustard sauce,  french beans and garlic fingerling potatoes

This morning we feasted on croissants......... and so ended the french celebration as the reality of life set in, cleaning the kitchen, laundry and soup making!  Not to mention homework!

Tonight we start working on her packing list to make sure we have everything and everything fits in the suitcase!  Tomorrow I need to get Euros for her to take........ aack..... its going to be hard letting her go but I am SO excited for all she will experience!

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