Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Shortly after we moved into this house I had a very clear moment of "vision" that this house would be full of babies.......... and I knew they would not be mine!!!

We have been so blessed by the small people who  have come into our lives over the years and many, many times - more than I can remember - this house has been full of babies and children.

It always makes my heart so happy!

Most cultures have a way of welcoming  a new human - some sort of celebration to pause and focus on the new life among us.  Sometimes the focus is on the parents too. 

It has been my immense privilege to host  over 15 baby showers in our home over the last 6 years - the last one was, in fact, a triple baby baby shower for three babies - two who have now been born and the third still eagerly anticipated!

There was a baby shower (strikes me as a silly name - Baby Blessing - Baby welcome???) in our community last weekend and though not at my house, much of the preparation was done here the night before by some fabulous ladies!  I have seen some pretty great ideas over the years of things to do at baby showers, decorations to make, gifts to give etc.....  We had fun crafting together!

I was determined to make a "diaper cake"....... I had seen them done but when I started doing some research I saw there were so many variations. 

I don't like variations when it comes to craft projects - I am "craft deficient" and I need straight up instructions - don't give me 30 variations - it will only lead to disaster!

I finally got the courage to try one variation and got the bottom "tier" of the cake done on my own before anyone arrived - I wanted to face whatever humiliation might lie ahead (like diapers spraying across the dining room ) on my own!

I was pleasantly surprised I got it done without too much trouble (that's my story and I am sticking to it!)....... I definitely needed help on the other two layer and the lovely Leslie was a great assistant.  Glad to have got it done before too much wine was consumed because I find that rarely enhances craft projects!

We had a great "Girls Night In' getting ready for the shower and I believe the shower went off without a hitch!

So for all of you dying to rush off and make a diaper cake - here are the straight up instruction!

You will need 96 diapers. I used size 2 eco diapers from Superstore because I wanted as plain white as possible.

I used a foil pizza tray with a slight lip to set the bottom layer on.  You use 40 diapers for the outside "fan" for the bottom layer and then 8 to fill the middle.
Once in place you tie a ribbon or string to secure everything - you can then arrange the diapers evenly and adjust as needed.
Layer 2 is made the same way with 28 diapers in the "fan" outside and 4 in the middle.
The top layer is 14 in the "fan"on the outside and 2 in the middle.

You end up with a three layer "cake".  I used a variety of wide ribbons on each layer and decorated it to my taste.  I did see some that had tons of stuff added like baby lotions, powder, diaper cream etc....I kept mine a bit plain - I am calling it "classic"!
I am not going to lie - I thought it was pretty sweet!

And trust me........if I can do it......anyone can do it!

Here it is again...... just because!

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