Thursday, October 20, 2011

Steveston Hotel

We had to be up at the crack of dawn - actually it was pitch dark out - no sign of dawn at 6:45am when we left the house.  Allan was catching a ride with a couple of colleagues to the BC Technical Teachers Conference in Kamloops so David and I dropped him off and seeing as we were up and out we decided to go for breakfast.

Our sleepy village of Steveston was still mostly closed up at 7:15am but the lights were shining brightly at the Steveston Hotel so in we went. 

As picturesque as our village may be (see yesterday's post), the Steveston Hotel is not exactly the jewel in the crown.  I don't think anyone actually stays there..... ever ..... although there once was a raffle in town that offered a nights stay as the prize, in the Honeymoon Suite, no less, but I truly think that might have been a joke.

 There is a pub at street level on the north end called the "Buck and Ear" - a play on the maritime heritage mere steps from the door.  It's one of those dark wood panelled interiors, big TV's, a couple fireplaces, staff who have been there forever and a bunch of regulars who wouldn't go anywhere else.

On the southside is "the Steveston Cafe".  While the menu had been updated since I was last there years ago, the decor has not.  It has faded, mismatched wall paper and a high shelf with an old collection of's dated but clean and bright and friendly.

And full of regulars.

I love that.

In the 45 minutes David and I were there this morning about a dozen men came in for breakfast and every one was greeted by name by the one waitress (just back from Vegas where she won $1000 on her last pull of the slots!)....there were fishermen off the boats, a couple RCMP officers whose car we see there everyday and a couple of retirees. 

I was the only female other than the waitress.

As I was paying my bill at the counter the waitress stuck her head in the kitchen and said "Here comes Mike" and the chef said "Ok, eggs are coming up". Nice! 

So it might not look like much from the outside but for many folks it's a "home away from home".

And the breakfast  was great.

One more reason I love Village living!

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