Saturday, October 15, 2011


Wow - I am trying the new blogger interface today - it is so different but I think I like it so far!  I also really like the new changes that the iOS brought to my iPhone.....I am keeping up with this technology (mostly:)!

I love doing housework..........some of my family and close friends just snorted their coffee after reading that......the truth is really that when I have a free day and the time and energy, I like to get the house in order.

I have a fair degree of tolerance for mess...... I simply don't have the time to give full vent to my Martha Stewart-esque tendencies (some call it OCD tendencies........some might be right!).  I wish my linen closet looked like hers but alas other than once in a blue moon when I pull it all out and label each shelf and square up the folded sheets...... it looks messy (and also I choose not to spend thousands on colour coordinated linens).  And the surfaces in our house get cluttered easily.

These piles, especially of paper, drive Allan and I crazy and we have tried various systems of containment over the years with varying degrees of success.  Allan's tolerance for mess is lower than mine so he is often driven to the edge and launches into "clean up action" during which the rest of us stand back and watch ....... and pray our stuff survives! 

And I seem to have raised two messy kids.......sigh.......they have all manner of storage solutions from a giant blue and yellow store whose profits we prop up...... but somehow their rooms are messy and their bathroom....well....... I am going in there today.......with bleach.......

So while in the day to day hustle that is my life with 3 jobs and 2 kids and friends, life - having a day - a clear day - to tackle a bunch of fun satisfying and enjoyable!  So I am putting on some music to drown out the laundry, pouring a coffee and having a bagel for energy and going to it, cleaning, organising, filing and generally whipping this house into shape......

And when I slip between my newly washed sheets tonight I will sigh a deep sigh of contentment (and likely some degree of exhaustion.....).

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  1. Thanks Honey, we appreciate all of your hard work!