Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just typing that gave me flashbacks to LOST - those creepy numbers....... (shiver).

Here are some blog numbers that blogger so nicely keeps for me..... I find these numbers very interesting and quite startling at the same time.......there is a graphic on the stats page that shows the hits on a graph and my little blog has a steady little heartbeat...... plods along with the odd spike but is pretty predictable now. 

The thing that continues to amaze me is WHAT sparks people's interest (usually catches me by surprise actually) and what does not........ I do LOVE the feedback and comments...... its cool to hear other people's stories and perspectives.....even the odd disagreement is ok!

So as of today:

4028 hits (mine are excluded to avoid the temptation to bump the numbers up...... not that I would..... of course :)

Places the people are reading the blog in (In order of most to least)
1. Canada (shocking I know! - you are not just numbers to me.......thanks for being friends too)
2. USA (odd because I only know 4 families in the USA - Hello Gates/Burtons/Langmans and Kelmans)
3. South Africa (They remember me..... ok most of them are Byres Family Members)
4. UK (a curious group - includes Kriges and Coss Clan members)
5. Australia (Aunts/Uncles and Cousins!!!! and a few friends)
6. Malaysia (I have no idea who you are but Thank You for reading)
7. Norway (Hello Garratts)
8. Tanzania (Hello Owens Tribe)
9. Denmark (not sure who this is - Anna???)
10. Italy (which will evaporate when the Fruhlings return from their Italian Odyssey)
11. Haiti (I made them look once......)

Most viewed post:
1. This Wordless Wednesday Post - I am trying not to be offended it was photos and not my witty and insightful writing that won top spot....... I suspect my mother clicked on this multiple times (and Lindsay too).
2. 2nd spot is a tie between 3 witty and insightful posts : Cultural Identity, Intention (which was also the post most often searched on Google) and Balance.

Geek Stats........
Pageviews by Browser
Firefox (by far)
Internet Explorer (distant 3rd)

Pageviews by Operating System
Windows (by far)
iPad (wonder how this will move up the ratings int he next few months)

So there you have it.......BUT...... what does it all mean???

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  1. I think this means you are one happening blogger babe, keep on writing!