Friday, April 15, 2011

Game Day

I just ran a quick errand for work at the Mall and it is a sea of Green, Blue and White!! It feels like everyone is wearing their Canucks jerseys today for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  For those "not from here" the Canucks are Vancouvers British Columbia's National  Hockey League (NHL) Team. (Ice Hockey obviously).

And boy do we love them this season!!  Ok some people, you know who you are, love them ALL the time and never jump the bandwagon.  But this season there is no space left on the bandwagon as the Canucks finished the regular season with the highest number of points and have had just an amazing season.  And now in the first round of the playoffs we face our old nemesis the Chicago Blackhawks.

This is how we like the Blackhawks......Chasing us.....

We beat them 2 - 0 in Game 1 thanks, in part, to our incredible goalie Roberto Luongo or Loooouuuuuu as we like to say (which sounds like Boooooo but isn't) tonight is Game 2.... its a big psychological hurdle for us..... we need to win this thing....

I know it's "just" hockey but I do love they way it makes everyone come together for a positive moment.  Like the Olympics did, like World Cup Cricket and Rugby do..... I love how we can forget many of our differences and conflicts and all cheer for a team.  I was so struck with how India and Pakistan, traditionally
not best friends, united to cheer on the game of cricket in the recent world cup... I have always thought if I had to do a research project I would like to study the psychology of this phenomenon. 

Of course it is all lovely until the team loses and then we spend hours dissecting them and analyzing what went  wrong over and over and over and over. Ask the South African Cricket Team about that - not to mention the infamous Vancouver Riots when we lost a hockey game (ok a BIG hockey game).

So a few people in this town are pretty antsy at the moment...... I can't watch.. it makes me too nervous.  I have my Junior Youth boys tonight so I will be distracted by karaoke with 11 year olds until after the game. 

To tell the truth I have been antsy all day watching the Cambie Robotics Teams scream up the leader boards in Orlando at the Vex World Robotics Championships.... they are doing so incredibly well.  I even caught a couple of their matches online today and videoed them.....I was practically jumping up and down and yelling (except I was at work... technically).

I am sure Allan is glad I am here and not there - I would be beside myself.  They really look good to go all the way through qualifying and into the finals - a feat which can hardly be believed.  In the finals one has to pick 2 teams to form an Alliance with and the Alliances play one another.... so there is much scouting througout the year and gathering of stats and video etc. so you can pick a good partner who complements your strengths.... and last years World Champs (homeschooled kids from New Zealand) came by to scout Cambie A team.....A HUGE compliment to Cambie (although I suggested they make them beg ;).

I told Allan to forgo the budget tonight and take them to a great dinner on me in Downtown Disney to celebrate - they all deserve to be so proud of themselves tonight.... and its Nova's birthday!! Happy Birthday Nova!

So it's Game Day on both coasts - for me at least - where is the valium.....???

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