Monday, April 4, 2011

Sprint to Summer

It is that time of year......

The last school break before Summer is over and there are less than 12 weeks left of the academic year.  The next thing you know the Summer vacation will be here, summer camps are already booked and I should have had my vacation plans for August locked down..... but I don't...... and that is just as well as it turns out!

The next 12 weeks hold some pretty BIG things for our lives..... some we anticipated and some we did not!

1.  Lindsay has 2 dance competitions coming up followed by 3 performances at the Gateway Theatre...... plus auditions for next year!

2. Allan is off to the VEX Robotics World Championships in Orlando Florida with 3 teams.  A huge undertaking that has been very stressful but will be SO important in the lives of these young men.  After an intense competition they will take 2 days off to explore Disney World - for several of them their first Disney experience.  This venture is still sorely under-funded so if you know anyone out there able to write a cheque of any size... let me know ;)   

3. I have 2 conferences to put on, one in April and one in May - crazy making but they are both almost full which is wonderful! Plus the Annual Art Auction at work and the possibility of the new centre being ready in the Summer!!!  I need to hire me that Assistant!

4. David is playing Spring Soccer this year to keep his fitness and skills up so we are back to a soccer schedule after a month off.

5. There is Easter weekend which might just offer some skiing after the epic snowfall we have had on the mountains this year (and last year the Olympics had to truck it in!!).

6. Lindsay turns 14.!

7. And Allan is going back to school..... this is a wonderful thing and a long time coming.  Although Allan has taught in BC for 17 years they will not recognize his South African credentials.  We have battled this decision for years but now the time has come to suck it up and get it done.  He is off to Trinity Western University to do a BA in Leadership in 18 months starting April 18th!  One night a week on Campus in Langley plus homework is going to keep him busy.  We are grateful for this adult degree completion program and that we are able to finance it.

8.  And the rest of our lives go on as usual.... I am going to try and keep Soup Group going without Allan (YIKES!!) and keep the family on track so he can concentrate on his studies. 

So this Summer we will likely be close to home (Allan get almost no break from studying) but the kids are going to one or two camps and we will do some long-weekends closer to home.  I think the veggie gardening (or Grow-op as our friend Martyn calls it :) will be our focus - we'll be locavores in more ways than one.

So, ready, on your marks, GO - we're in the sprint to the Summer!  See you there!

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