Monday, April 25, 2011

649 View

Dream a little with me here....... I can't be the only person who has imagined winning the 649 lottery...... The first thing I always imagine is how much money all my friends and relatives will need to be comfortable and then I imagine the house that "I" will build or where I will live.

Mostly I imagine having a view of water....... I love the relentless rolling of the ocean and the soundtrack of the crashing and sucking back of the waves over the sand........

But I also love the the many vistas of the ever-changing tidal river at the mouth of the Fraser River in Steveston..... and all the life it attracts and the "traffic" on the river..... I imagine I could sit on a wide porch and watch the changing scenes for hours.

But there is something so tranquil about a lake.  I especially love the changing light from dawn to dusk and that absolute stillness that mirrors everything on its banks and in the sky above......

After a weekend in the mountains I have to admit the thrill and awe I feel staring up at rugged, snowy peaks towering against a blue sky..... hard not to feel in proportion to my existence on this earth, a mere speck at the foot of towering majesty..... It might be good for me to look out at this everyday.

And there is the built environment - watching a city skyline come to life in the morning and then settle into its twinkling splendor as the sun sets and the lights come on and then watch even those fade in the wee hours of the morning....but not completely...... I like to think there is always someone else up and about no matter the time of day..... and there is so much people watching in an urban landscape which is fascinating.

So........ I have no idea where I would chose to live if I won the 649...........and seeing as I hardly ever buy a ticket I obviously am happy (remember this?) where I am..... I love my little house, in my neighbourhood, in this part of the world where I can see all of the above (ok not the waves unless its very windy) EVERY day...... 

I hope you enjoyed this little daydream on this dreary day....... I'd love to know what view you would choose.

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