Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And they're off......

Robot ready for take off
The Cambie Robotics team are off to ESPN World Sports Arena in Orlando Florida tomorrow to compete in an International Robotics Competition against close to 500 other teams....... They won everything in the Pacific Northwest but the Pacific Northwest is going to feel small when they get to Worlds.  Hopes are high to do well.

This trip would not be happening without:

1. Donors / Parents / Rotary / Richmond School District and others who contributed to the costs and we thank you for your investment in these young people.

2. Smart and dedicated students who have worked countless hours on top of their school work to design, build, program and drive these robots.  They truly are the future and will do great things.

3. A dedicated teacher who has also put in countless hours over and above his regular job hours.  Who has done all the bookings and logistics and mountains of paperwork, prepared his classes for a week and who will leave his family to do this for these kids.  This guy is also my husband and I am SO proud of him for all he has done for these kids.  For some of them it will change their lives forever. We both know that and so we gladly make the sacrifice.

There will be hours spent in the "Pit Area" modifying and tinkering
Always something to do....

Next time you hear someone going on about what a cushy job teaching is I hope you will point out that many teachers spend hundreds of unpaid hours investing in their students.  Allan will be "on duty" 24/7 for 9 teenage boys , one of whom is Autistic, every moment from when they leave Vancouver tomorrow until they touchdown back in Vancouver a week from now.  He has to transport them, feed them, make sure they are safe and get some sleep.  If anyone get sick or injured he has to figure that out.  There is no extra pay for this. In fact if the truth were told this trip costs Allan and I financially. Many, many other teachers do the same.  They sponsor teams , take kids on trips, work hours beyond their contract.  I,  for one, am very grateful for those teachers.

So to the 3 Cambie Teams - I am wishing you all the best - for a fantastic tournament full of interesting people and robots of all kinds, for good results and for a wonderful day at Disney World - a fitting reward for months of hard work for the students and their teacher.!

Enjoy the sun..... Go Cambie Go!!

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