Saturday, April 30, 2011


Many committees have a well deserved bad reputation.......

To get something done a committee should consist of no more than three people, two of whom are absent.  ~Robert Copeland

A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours.  ~Milton Berle

I am just sitting on the couch after a long conference day  - 10 hours!  And it was a great success for the most part (not sure what to do with the evaluation that asked us to do a workshop on make-up and put on a fashion show - at an Early Childhood Conference - the same person asked for Vietnamese sandwiches and falafel for lunch????).  People left the day inspired and rejuvenated and ready to pour more of themselves into the children they work with....... what could be better than that?

This conference was put on by a committee!! 

Not just a small committee but one of over 15 people from a wide range of child care programs and support services.  I have never served on a committee with such passion and enthusiasm and contacts and ideas and talent.  Most of them were there the full 8 hours today and not one of them complained once.  Most of the time they were asking how they could help and what they could do....... happily pitching in with whatever had to be done.

And on top of that they are alot of fun to be with, just really great people! We get to hang out when the work is done and the delegates are in workshops and I so enjoy the conversations.  We share stories and have a few good laughs.

As I said in the closing remarks at the conference today - they bust every bad myth about committees!!  

My business partner Joyce and I do many conferences with a variety of clients and committees and we have seen some crazy stuff but this committee is our very favourite to work with (which is lucky because we work for free!) - we actually look forward to this conference every year.

Hats of to you Richmond Child Care Training Committee - you ROCK!!

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  1. I concur! I sit on many committees and several never get anything accomplished however this one is AMAZING! I love it! I have to say that the leadership that you and Joyce demonstrate is the foundation of this committee and its success. I really enjoy my time at the meetings and the conferences as we all work so well together. Thanks for a great day and rest, rest, rest!!!

    Love you