Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Bunny

Who is silly enough to wade into a debate on the Thursday of a long weekend and during a pivotal hockey game.....Why me, of course!!

This is the first year we do not have to do the Easter Bunny routine.....and I am a bit sad.  I know there are many that believe the children in Christian homes should not be exposed to Santa and the Easter bunny.  I think the argument goes that it takes away from the true message and meaning of the day or that it may somehow confuse the children.  We certainly considered this when we had to make the choice for our children.

We decided a little wonder and a little "magic" would add to our children's childhood memories and we were confident we could still instill in them the foundations of our faith.

Of course we never do anything by halves so we have done some elaborate Easter Egg Hunts, Santa experiences and even the tooth fairy (each of children had their own) experiences were involved.  Letters were written to the kids and they wrote back, even one pretty mad one from the Easter Bunny when we went to the Cabin and didn't tell him........

I asked Lindsay for her thoughts:
I think people need to trust kids to differentiate between the real meaning of Easter or Christmas and a little bit of fun.  I was in no way harmed by the the Easter Bunny or Santa and if anything it added to the happy memories that I will have of my childhood.  We can balance what is real and what is not and I think its worth it to let us try.

Both our kids are solid in their faith and they have some pretty hilarious and fun memories (and so do we - parenting can be really hard so sometimes it just plain fun to add a bit of a spark and some magic).  But this year there will no creeping around in the dark hiding little foil eggs to be found, I am not even taking the Easter baskets down.......

But never fear..... ..........chocolate........

And we will remember that Jesus died for our sins and then rose again on the third day - HE is RISEN!!!

May you enjoy the long weekend and if you celebrate Easter may you be blessed. 

Happy Easter

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