Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Friday

The Tale of....... Two David's

David R - My Dad
Yesterday he was awarded the Dean Crain Humanitarian award by his Rotary Club.  Presented annually to a member of the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise to recognize their contribution to the humanitarian ideals of Rotary International and those of Dean Crain. The Award will be presented at the first... club meeting in January of each year, if there is a suitable candidate.
What qualifies a member for this Award?
The award will recognize a Rotary member who has shown the values that Dean Crain exemplified and worked so hard to nurture in himself and others. These were:
Honesty in all things
Courage in the face of overwhelming odds
Determination to succeed
Unwavering integrity

He beat cancer in 2010 with amazing grace and a great cheering section led by my Mom.  His continued comittment to his work with African Enterprise through think and thin and ups and downs has alway been done with absolute integrity and singlemindedness and almost without complaint.
He is a good man, with a great sense of humour and I am proud to have him as a Dad.

David B - My son
Mr David is one of my favourite people in the world (and one of the people who can drive me crazy quicker than anyone else).  I feel like I needed to know David - our family needed his loving, quirky, laidbackness.  We joke that Allan, Lindsay and I are all firstborns with Type A personalities - go go go, task focused and David is always way behind, seemingly unable to rush (upstairs playing lego in his underwear while we are all dressed at the front door ready to go).  I try to slow down to his pace but more often than not he is dragged along with the rest of the rushers.
David has had some struggles in his life. He was almost blind in his left eye and he cheerfully and faithfully wore a patch on his eye under his glasses to school for 3 years. He had eye surgery with hardly a peep of complaint and SO many eye exams.  We have the greatest eye care at Children's Hospital and Dr. Chris Lyons has been so amazing with David and makes him feel like a champ for doing all the work he has done on his vision.
Yesterday I had a long consultation with the Orthodontist about just how crowded David's jaw is and how aggressive they will have to be to fix all the issues in his mouth and so he gets braces and elastics next week.  Again he sat there and took all the information with calm acceptance.  He is such a bright, curious, chatty guy.
He teaches me so much!
He is also a great Canucks fan and loved being at the game this week especially when the Canuckleheads won!!  He has 3 soccer games this weekend and will give his all in each one.

Both my David's inspire me, I love them both and the bond they have goes far deeper than just sharing a name - they have big hearts and great minds. I am grateful for them both!

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