Friday, January 28, 2011

Morning Commute

The direct route from our house to David's school is 3.9km and takes about 8 minutes and requires three turns (2 left and one right).

We NEVER take this route.

We take a different route that is 9.6km and takes 18 minutes (without photo stops) and has lots of twists and turns.

We LOVE this route.

Here is our route through Steveston Village, along the south dyke and up No. 3 Road..... in photos through many different seasons.  We see ducks and horses and herons and racoons and birds (sometimes eagles).  We try and guess the tide before we see the river at the bottom on No 2 Rd..... and we have a little adventure on the way to school and a great reminder of how lucky we are to live HERE!

Early morning on Moncton St

Sun catches the Gulf of Georgia Cannery

The mouth of the Fraser - looking towards the Islands

Sometimes we see Mount Baker

And sometimes we don't........

The sky changes all the time as the sun rises later or earlier

A late winter sunrise

Sometimes the fog rolls in

Sometimes there is traffic

My travel buddy with BIG traffic we saw this morning

Then we turn away from the river and drive north through the farmlands........ to school 

It is a GREAT way to start the day. 

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