Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Day!

It's a big day workwise for me..... the details of which are not bloggable for lots of reasons. But I will say this...... its a BIG change, the first of many and ...... I hate change usually. 

I am, at heart, a creature of habit and routine.

Years ago my good friend KM and I would walk to work in Vancouver from 70th and Granville to 4th and Pine (for non-vancouverites with no access to google maps - that is a long walk up a big hill and down the other side).  Close to work there was a bakery/deli place where we would stop every morning.  I ate the exact same thing every morning - a toasted sesame seed bagel with peanut butter.  They got to know us so well they would see us coming down the hill and pop my bagel in the toaster. 

I loved being a "regular". 
KM hated it!! 

She thrives on change, she needs change to breathe.  Even if she wanted the same thing everyday she wouldn't order it just to keep everyone guessing.  She eventually persuaded me to change the venue of our breakfast for a while because it was all just too "boring" to do the same thing all the time. 

Maybe that's why we are such good friends - I ground her and she pushes me.

However this change at work has me excited and expectant.  I see the opportunities for great things for everyone in the organisation.  I am checking myself all the time that I allow the process to unfold and not rush everyone to the end goal.  I am sure there will be some bumps in the road but that will just make the journey more interesting and there will be more stories to tell when we get where we're going!

I will miss my Soup Groupers tonight (you had better all look at the magnificent completed puzzle - I left it for you all to admire ;) and its one of my favourite soups Al makes - chicken noooodle!!!

What ever "new" or "boring old" thing you are doing tonight - take good care!!


  1. Nicky - Whatever the change is, I am happy for you that you are excited today and for the future. I know you will do well with your enthusiasm and penchant for hard work, collaboration and results.
    Best wishes!

  2. You are too kind Audrey! Hats off to you for all the new things you are doing in your retirement!! African Drumming and kicking my butt at Bejeweled Blitz to name two!!