Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sugar and Spice...... NOT

Little boys are something of an enigma to me.

I had only 1 sister, I went to an all girls school from Grade 4 through 12 most of our neighbours growing up were girls....... then I had my own baby girl.....

I admit with some guilt that when the Ultrasound Tech pointed out the obvious boy anatomy on the ultrasound screen with child #2 I was shocked stupid!   What the heck did I know about little boys and what was I going to do with one???  I had always imagined mothering girls, never boys and it took me several weeks to get my head around the fact I was going to have a son.  I remember Allan's obvious relief when I came home with a blue onesie from GAP - I was finally getting used to the idea of having a boy.  Even so I still insisted we have a back-up girls name in case they had been wrong.

But on September 1, 1999 David Allan Wray Byres made his very swift entrance into the world and of course I fell instantly in love.

As my previous post (The Tale of Two David's) attests our David was just what we needed.  I don't know if its always that he is a boy that makes him different to parent or if its because he is a second child or if I was more laid back with him as an infant than I was with Lindsay - but different he is  and rightly so!

For the last 18 months or so there was no Junior Youth Group operating in our church and David was missing out.  As Lindsay went to Senior Youth I decided to get the Junior Youthers together for some fun activities - and wouldn't you know - they are all boys!!  My good friend Graham graciously allowed himself to be talked into helping me out and as terrified as I was about taking on this venture it has been a blast!

They range from Grade 4 - 6 and they are SO silly!  They love anything we plan, eat everything we put in front of them and are game for any adventure.  They have made up ridiculous rules - the chief of them being "One cannot act like a chicken in any circumstance"!  They still find bathroom humour hilarious - last night on the way home from bowling Graham pulled his truck up alongside my car at a light and the boys in his car yelled 'Why did Tigger go down the toilet" and all 7 boys from both cars yell "Because he wanted to find Pooh".. and the hysterical fits of laughter lasted for blocks.... Good Grief!!

On my journey to understanding boys better I am delighted to have these silly monkeys (Yes Graham that includes you too) to hang out with every other week!

So thanks God for sending me a son and for stretching me in doing so. And for the adventures so far and still to come!

Now off to find some suitable jokes for the next Junior Youth night!