Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Point

I had an intense workout last night and was at Jazzercise bright and early this morning but had rather a blank agenda for the day - which is rare - I am working the next 2 Saturdays.......

When I get home from Jazzercise I open the door and sniff - if I am lucky there is the lovely smell of bacon but today I smelled lemon zest.... not an ingredient in any of our usual breakfast meals.  Allan made a "Dutch Baby" from his gourmet cooking magazine and it was quite delicious - a large fluffy pancake-like thing with crispy outsides - sprinkled with icing sugar and some lemon juice and with a side of bacon - very YUMMMY!

The boys went off to soccer and I threw on a load of laundry and settled at the diningroom table where I should have been preparing my class for next week but there is this unfinished (thank you Soup Group NOT) 1000 piece puzzle.  I decided to give it a few minutes and about 4 hours later I looked up!! (OK not quite but it ate the better part of my day).  I tried to get the Soup Groupers to assist the other night but they did not apply themselves to the task and I simply cannot give up and put it all back in the box and now I want to have it done by Tuesday to show those Soup Groupers what can be done with a little effort!!!

We arranged for David to go to Gaga and Papa's for the night and Lindsay is out babysitting so Allan and I had a date night - after reading several reviews of various places and surveying the Entertainment Book we ended up at a local restaurant called The Point.  We had a lovely meal and caught up on lots of conversations that are somehow hard to have in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Lovely Saturday.

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