Monday, January 17, 2011

Just another Manic Monday

Ha ha .... for those of you who remember the Bangles "Manic Monday" you won't be thanking me for putting the tune in your head!!!

But seriously - it was a crazy day.  I was reminded of the class I taught on brain development last week and the lively discussion we had about the difference between men's and women's brains.  Its pretty widely held that women can multitask better than men (although they seem to be able to multitask quite well with the remote in hand). 

If that is, in fact, true I was multitasking at warp speed today........ some days your head and your TO DO list are that full and everything is firing and you can get SO much done.  I felt like I used most of my day very productively (between repeatedly having to re-start my stupid computer - Have you drop kicked your Dell today?) and got so many tasks accomplished for work as well as filled in the forms for David's passport renewal and got my car re-insured and made it to Jazzercise.

I was so busy in my brain I had to really focus on my conference call - I could have easily typed a couple emails and filed the attendance and payroll while talking but I might not have been as "on task" as I needed to be (especially as the other person on the call is a high priced (and very smart) consultant I have hired to do a strategic planning session with my Board of Directors:).

I wish the TO DO list had been conquered but alas there is plenty to be getting on with tomorrow - just hope my brain keeps firing!!

Just another Manic Monday
Oooooh oooohh
Wish it were Sunday
Coz that's my fun day......

Ahhhhhhh 80's music where have you gone?

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